Industrial adhesives and glues

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Hi-Tech equipments offers wide range of industrial adhesives and glues, which are used in vast industries for packaging applications. Our adhesives and glues are as below:


    Modified Tapioca Starch

Tapioca starch is a purest form of starch. These are mainly used in textile sizing, corrugators as a binder. This is free from impureness and processed using super quality ingredients.


    Industrial Starches

We are a specialized manufacturers and suppliers of industrial starches like spray starch, oxidized starch and cationic starch. Our wide range of industrial starches includes exclusive quality product that will perform for you. These starches are available in different viscosity with constant temperature and fluidity. These are mainly used as industrial adhesives and glues. Industrial starches are available in customized packaging and quantities.


    Book Binding Adhesive Gum Powder

Our Book Binding Adhesive Gum Powder is widely used in stationery purposes. These are formulated from starch of exclusive and superior quality. The raw materials are procured from trusted vendors. This powder provides high compressive strength, long durability and foolproof protection to books.

Varied grades as per solid to water ratio :

  • 1:4
  • 1:5
  • 1:6


  • Forms good paste upon mixing with the water.
  • Even and quick spreading ability.
  • Best bonding quality and dries quickly.
  • No adverse effect on Paper.
  • No chance of de-lamination.
  • Prolonged storage life.

    Carton Sealing Adhesives

We offer superior grade carton sealing adhesives for our customers. This adhesive is temperature independent which means it is soluble in cold water also. Upon mixing with the water, homogeneous glue like paste is obtained. This paste possesses aggressive tack, fast set and low viscosity. These are manufactured using high quality Dexedrine using other additives.

Powder to Water ratio:

  • 1:1.5
  • 1:2
  • 1:3


  • Spread ability of gum is even and faster.
  • Superioir bonding.
  • Prolonged storage life.
  • Excellent stiffness and strength.
  • Quick drying.
  • Improved mechanical and compression strength.
  • Improves pin adhesion.

    Dextrin Adhesives

Dextrin adhesives are derived from starches and other types of additives. These are produced from hydrolysis of starch. Dextrin adhesives provide excellent machinability and also can be used in adhesives and coatings that often come in contact with food and consumable products. Dextrin adhesives provide good bonding in porous surfaces.

Application areas:

  • In Allied Industry: The Allied Industry uses yellow dextrin for manufacturing varied products that are as follows:
  • Spiral and Convolute tubes
  • Machine labeling of tins, cartons, packages, corrugated boxes and envelopes
  • Manufacturing of crackers and fire products
  • Carbon paper applications
  • Abrasives dry distemper
  • Paper tubes and Paper cones
  • In book binding, cigarette pasting, carton sealing and match box making
  • Packaging Industry
  • As a core binder in refractories and foundry operation
  • Chemical, Piant and Dyes industry

    Auto Laminator Gum

Auto Laminator Gum possesses excellent penetrating properties which forms deeper fiber-tearing bonds with minimal stack cure time. These are mainly used in paper, chemical, fireworks, crackers and plastic industries. The deep penetration properties enhances the dry strength and results in superior bonding.


    Spiral Gum

Spiral gums offered by us are known for faster drying, no adverse effect on printed paper. These are mainly used in book binding and printing industry. This is also found useful in packaging industry.


    Hot Pasting Gum

Hot Pasting Gums are manufactured from high quality starch that is procured from reliable source and with use of some chemical additives. These gums give excellent adhesive properties, best tackiness, superior water solubility, fast drying property and best bursting strength.


    Pasting/Lamination Gum Powder

We supply high grade pasting or lamination gum powder. This gum powder provides superior adhesive properties between two different surfaces. These are manufactured from high quality starch. These are mainly used in printing and paper industry. Customized packaging as per customer requirement are available with us.

We offer the gum powder in various grades as per the following solid to water ratios:

  • 1:3
  • 1:4
  • 1:5
  • 1:6

    Corrugation Gum Powder

Corrugation gum powder is used in packaging industry to manufacture high quality corrugated boxes. These powder provides strong bonding and adhesiveness between two solid surfaces.


    Paper Case Sealing Gum Powder

Paper Case Sealing Gum Powder is widely used in paper and printing industry. These are formulated from high quality starch derivatives. It gives immense strength and bonding.