Engineering College Lab Equipments

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            Engineering College Lab Equipments                                                                                   We provide Best quality upgraded lab equipments for Engineering colleges.(Mechanical, Civil, Electrinics & Comunication & Computer Science)

UV Spectrometer

UV Spectrometer We are the suppliers of UV spectrophotometer for Engineering Colleges.


BOD Incubators

BOD Incubators We are the suppliers of BOD Incubators for  Civil Engineering department.


Flame Photometer

Flame Photometer We are the suppliers of Flame photometer for higher institutions


Survey Equipments

Survey Equipments We are leading suppliers of survey equipments for Civil engineering departments.

Electronics & Communication Equipments

Electronics & Communication Equipments We are dealers of Electronic & Communication Engineering equipments and devices

Mechanical Engineering Equipments

Mechanical Engineering Equipments Milling machine, Drilling machine, Lathe macine and Grinding macines available with us