Industrial Lab Equipment

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Industrial Lab Equipment

We are major suppliers of varied industrial lab equipments in India. Our products range includes bacteriological incubator, BOD incubator, Environmental Test chamber, laboratory oven, blood bank refrigerator, deep freezers, low Temperature water bath, dehumidifiers, laminar air flow bench, laboratory oven air draft, laboratory incubator, vacuum oven and hot plates etc. Our all products conforms to industry standards and norms.


    Oven Universal

We are a prominent suppliers of industrial ovens of different ranges in India. Universal oven's inside chamber is made of thick aluminum or stainless steel sheet. Outside chamber is made of mild steel and the gap between the two walls is filled with glass wool. Heating elements have been positioned in ribs at the bottom and sides of chamber to enable uniform heating. Outer body is painted with enamel to make it resistant to rusts.


    Muffle Furnaces

We supply rectangular light weight muffle furnaces to wide range of industrial laboratories. It is made of thick mild steel casing and is reinforced with iron angles rivets and screw joints. It is enamel paint coated to avoid rust. It has maximum working Temperature of 1500 C. The door, counter balanced for easy operation opens sideways with the hot surface away from the person operating.

Specifications :

  • The lower portion of the chamber is perforated for protecting the temperature control unit from very high beam of light
  • Kanthal wire is used to make heating elements
  • Most uniform distribution of heat and protection of heating elements against damage and chemical deterioration or distortio
  • Special high temperature alloy-completely surround the heating chamber

    Industrial Scientific Accessories

We offer industrial scientific accessories and instruments that finds its usage in engineering colleges, technical institutions, laboratories and industrial research. Our products are durable and priced reasonably.


Chemical Lab Instrument