Educational Scientific Instruments

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We manufacture and supply different kinds of scientific lab equipments to schools, colleges, medical institutions and research laboratories etc. Our lab equipments are made to our customer's specifications and requirements with superior quality, durability and well tested. We give extreme importance to packaging and transportation of lab equipments to ensure our clients receive defect free products.


 Chemistry Lab Equipments

We supply physical apparatus, laboratory specimens, charts/tables, lab chemicals, working models and other types of lab equipments.


Scientific Laboratory Equipments

Schools, Colleges Lab Equipments

We are a prominent suppliers of Scientific Laboratory Equipments such as test tubes, flasks, glassware, calorimeters, litmus papers, prisms, chemical crystals, magnets etc. Scientific Lab Equipments are available in all the standard variations and specifications. We also make these equipments available in customized specifications of our clients. Our products have been manufactured in compliance with various industrial standards and are offered in competitive prices.

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Scientific Chemistry Lab Instruments

Chemistry Lab Glaswares

The Chemistry Lab Instruments offered by us are chemical crystals, burners, balance etc. These have been manufactured using high grade raw materials. Our products are tested for their strength, accuracy and durability.


Laboratory Glassware

Laboratory Glassware

We are a leading suppliers of high quality Laboratory Glassware for laboratoty uses. These products possess high resistance to heat, harsh effects of chemicals and durability. These are manufactures in complaince with industry standards and norms.


Vernier Calipers

Digital Vernier Calipers

Vernier Calipers are measuring instruments in laboratories and industries. Vernier Calipers offered by us are manufactured with high grade steel. High accuracy and precision is ensured during the stage of manufacturing. These are equipped with super thin stainless steel jaws to measure inner and outer diameter both in millimeters and inches.


Lab Microscopes

Lab Microscopes

We offer superior grade lab microscopes for schools/colleges, institutions and medical & chemical laboratories. These microscopes have excellent quality lens for wider coverage and clear imaging. The co-axial knobs makes them user friendly. The hand rests provided on either side of microscope ensures steady support.


We are the suppliers of autoclave for institutions and all purpose.

Bio Chemistry Analyzer